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Yulia Skogoreva

Staff Credit

Dancer and choreographer: Ruri Mitoh 

Photographer: Yulia Skogoreva

Description of your idea

Capture of movement and space in a still image. 

I've started photographing my project CONNECTION in 2015. Since the very beginning I've never asked dancers to pose for me, but I carefully chose every location. 

Being inspired by the concept of Rudolf Laban "Body as a living architecture", I'm always attracted by geometric backgrounds in nature and urban cityscapes that would emphasize a human body. 

When we arrive at the location, I ask dancers to get inspired by this geometry and to start moving.

I'm following their moves with my camera. 

CONNECTION turned into a long-term ongoing project, where I capture contemporary dancers all over the world in urban and natural backgrounds. 

What was the biggest challenge in this project?

When I started the project 5 years ago, it was challenging to gain the trust of some dancers. 

Dance photography is not a popular niche and most of the dance photographers used to be dancers in the past. 

Many people in the industry believe that you can't capture the movement if you've never danced yourself. As not a dancer and an outsider I was catching a lot of skeptical glances in the beginning. 

Where do you look for inspiration?

There might be a lot of interesting things around, but I believe that inspiration is something that comes from the inside. 

It depends on your mood and the way you look at things. I'm trying to stay open and curious most of the time in order to hear the hidden voice of inspiration. 

What drives your enthusiasm the most?

All the talented people I get to meet and work with. I'm always eager to collaborate with new dancers, to hear their stories, to discover their techniques. 

What is your dream? One day I would like to create a photo collaboration with Akram Khan Company. 

Do you have any inspirational quote that motivates, pushes or supports you? When I was little, my mom always told me:

"Remember if you truly want something and work towards it - you will get it. Nothing is impossible."

Some things might be harder than others, some things take a lot of time, and when I get frustrated I always remember these words. 


Yulia Skogoreva

Russian-born fine art and documentary photographer Yulia Skogoreva has been based in Tokyo for the past 10 years. Having majored in Japanese Studies at Moscow State University Yulia worked as an interpreter for Japanese butoh dancers. The backstage life of theatre inspired her to start photographing dancers. With her camera, Yulia has been discovering the unique features and unwrapping challenges of contemporary Japanese society through the prism of dance. Yulia is a recipient of multiple international and Japanese photography awards. Her works have been featured in various exhibitions and photography festivals around the world. 


Ruri Mitoh

Ruri Mito was born in Tokyo in 1982. She started studying dance at 5 years old at The Modern Ballet Institute, Tokyo. She graduated from the Japan Women's College of Physical Education, Department of Movement Science Dance Studies Major MA(2000-2004). She is now actively performing in many countries and has won many prizes. She has also worked with choreographers such as Damien Jalet, Sasha Waltz, Wim Vandekeybus and so on. In 2017, she received Tatsumi Hijikata Memorial Award. She is Fellow II of the Sainson Foundation(2020-2023).

Instagram: @ruri310

Yulia's exhibition

“Nature of Change”

@THE KNOT TOKYO shinjuku

Oct. 15th 2020- Jan. 15th 2021

“Nature of Change” with ceramist Sofia Solamente featuring Ruri Mitoh, is currently on at The KNOT Shinjuku until the 15th of January 2021.














いつかアクラム・カーン カンパニーと写真を通してコラボレーションしたいです。




ユーリア・スコーゴレワ(Yulia Skogoreva)

ロシア生まれのファインアート・ドキュメンタリー写真家のユーリア・スコーゴレワは、過去 10 年間、東京を拠点としています。モスクワ国立大学で日本学を専攻したユーリアは、日本の舞踏ダンサ ーの通訳を務め、その舞台裏での生活がきっかけで、彼女はダンサーの写真を撮り始めました。その後ユーリアはダンスという角度から、現代日本社会が抱えている課題を問いに、国際および日本の複数の写真賞を受賞しています。彼女の作品は世界中のさまざまな展示会や写真フェスティバルでも特集されています。



1982年東京生まれ。5歳からモダンダンスを始める。2004年日本女子体育大学舞踊学専攻卒業。2004年-2010年ダンスカンパニー「Leni-Basso」所属、その後フリーランスに転向。スウェーデン王立バレエにてゲストダンサーとしてWim Vandekeybus、Sasha Waltzの作品に出演。またDamien Jaletと名和晃平による”VESSEL”に出演等国内外でダンサーとして活躍。自身のソロ作品は国内外で多数の賞を受け、フェスティバルに招かれている。2017年に土方巽記念賞を受賞。2017年Co.Ruri Mitoとしてグループ活動を開始。2020-2023年度公益財団法人セゾン文化財団フェローII。

Instagram: @ruri310


“Nature of Change”

@THE KNOT TOKYO shinjuku

Oct. 15th 2020- Jan. 15th 2021

陶芸家ソフィア・ソラメンテとダンサー三東瑠璃とコラボレーションした最新プロジェクトの展示「Nature of Change(ネイチャー オブ チェンジ)」は、2021年1月15日までザ ノット 東京新宿にて開催中です。

翻訳: 瀧瀬彩恵


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