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About Us



editor-in-chief/creative director/photographer


Born in Hiroshima, Japan. Yumiko Inoue  entered the world of photography when she was a university student, and then worked mainly on advertising and fashion. She has been obsessed with the expression of contemporary dance since her twenties, but at that time she was unable to realize the appeal of the human body itself. In 2016, she attended a rehearsal of the Paris Opera Ballet Company in Japan and was mesmerised by the physical strength and beauty of ballet dancers. Later, she photographed the world famous ballet dancers for VOGUE JAPAN. While interacting with numerous dance works and dancers, she began to believe in the art of “human being”. In order to share the excitement about dance with the world, she called out to Yuichi Ishii and Naomi Mori to launch “Alexandre” in 2018.


慶應義塾大学総合政策学部卒。在学中より写真の世界に入り、その後広告、ファッションを中心に活躍。20代よりコンテンポラリーダンスという表現に夢中になるが、当時は人間の身体それ自体の魅力に気づくことはできなかった。2016年に来日中のパリ・オペラ座バレエ団のリハーサルに立会い、バレエダンサーの肉体の力強さに強い衝撃を受ける。のちVOGUE JAPANで世界の名だたるバレエダンサーを撮影。数々のダンス作品やダンサーとの交流を重ねるうち、「人間」という芸術への揺るぎない信頼を感じるようになる。その感動を世界とシェアするため、石井と森に声をかけ2018年「Alexandre」を立ち上げる。


art director


His  award-winning achievements includes receiving  the world's four major advertising awards, such as the visuals of the Academy Award-winning movies in Japan, "MOONLIGHT", "Call Me By Your Name" and "If Beale Street Could Talk".  Yuichi Ishii is also active in presenting his works at exhibitions, and he is highly productive in his works. He enjoys the interaction with the world through design, such as exchanging opinions in the team, the live feeling while creating, and communication beyond language barriers. Alexandre is pursuing innovative visual expressions on the Web, and plans to expand it to publications such magazines and books. He is refining the design function of Alexandre as a major project.  

D&AD Awards / Wood Pencil   ONE SHOW / Merit Award

Moscow Global Biennale of Graphic Design Golden Bee / Selected



D&ADアワード グラフィッデザイン部門 ブロンズ賞。ONE SHOW merit Award 受賞。モスクワ国際グラフィックデザインビエンナーレ入選。


stage critic, translator and ballet/dance journalist 


Naomi Mori spent her childhood in London. She was addicted to theater and movies since she was a university student. Seeing Alessandra Ferri and Julio Bocca’s  "Romeo and Juliet" in 1997 was a revelation to pursue this art form. She watches more than 100 performances each year, She contributes to many publications in both Japanese and English including VOGUE JAPAN and Mainichi Shimbun. And she is a much sought after translator and supervisor in ballet movies and ballet books, working on subtitles of ballet movies as well. It is her greatest interest to communicate what is now happening in the world through the viewpoint of  ballet, dance and art.


幼少期をロンドンで過ごし帰国。早稲田大学法学部卒。在学中より演劇、映画にのめり込む。1997年アメリカン・バレエ・シアター来日公演「ロミオとジュリエット」でアレッサンドラ・フェリとフリオ・ボッカを観たことでバレエに開眼し、2003年マシュー・ボーン「白鳥の湖」が海外公演にも足を運ぶきっかけとなった。毎年100以上の公演を鑑賞し、現在はVOGUE JAPANをはじめ、数々のメディアに寄稿。またバレエ映画の字幕翻訳や、バレエ書籍の監修など、バレエ界において幅広く活躍している。バレエ、ダンスを通していま世界で何が起こっているかということを感じること、伝えることは今森の最大の関心事である。

NAOMI MORI BLOG -la dolce vita-