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Annemijn Rijk

Fleur Bax

Staff Credit

Dance: Nicole van de Berg

Concept & choreography: Annemijn Rijk

Director: Fleur Bax

Director of photography: David van der Drift

Music: Aura Bouw

Camera assistance: Noa Kosanović

Direction assistance and sound: Flip Kwakkel

Makeup artist & still photography: Sophie Gipmans

Colorist: Erik Wiedenhof

Re: Born is made with financial support from:

Makershuis Tilburg, Makersfonds Tilburg,

Province of Noord-Brabant, Prince Bernhard Cultuurfonds Noord-Brabant

With special thanks to: DansBrabant

Short description of your idea

As if she had collapsed from the sky. We see a creature motionless on the ground, under the mucus and with just enough power to breathe. The long legs stretched out, the knees bony. The face hidden under the arms, anonymous, alone. To survive, an apparently impossible challenge lies in the prospect: Getting up.

How do you get up if you are thrown into life so hard? How do you proceed if life attacks you bluntly? How do you stand up if you don't know how to get your body together?

Re:Born is the first part of the framework Body of Art; a long-term project by dance maker Annemijn Rijk in which she explores what our bodies call tell us about what it means to be human.

What drives your enthusiasm the most?

 My drive in creating work is the believe that through motion, movement and energy, we can share the stories that hide in our bodies. I believe that everything we experience is stored in our body somehow, and with the right tweaks and exercises, we can cultivate our bodies to share those stories, those truisms.

I believe that the most personal experiences are also the most universal experiences. Everything we feel, we don’t feel alone. By being truly honest and transparant, our bodies can share those personal yet universal feelings and we can take an audience into our journey.

We can give hope to the people. And hope is what inspires people to change, to not look the other way, to go for it. Hope can create a ripple of silent rebellion, and I believe that’s what we need right now.

Do you have any inspirational words that motivates, pushes or supports your creativity?

So many!  I often use quotes to start or introduce my work with to an audience. As a good quote can wrap a whole performance in it. The most inspiring people to me are woman who work in art or are connected to life in a very true way. Think of Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Esther Perel, Griet Op de Beeck or Lena Dunham. And yes, they are mostly feminist woman.

“Love rests on two pillars: surrender and autonomy.

Our need for togetherness exists alongside our need for separateness.” 

- Esther Perel

"It’s my job to move people, not to impress people and I constantly have to remind myself of that"

- Phoebe Waller-Bridge

“Artists can use their wounds to start something great from it.

Through the detour of fiction, it can inspire people to continue their lives in a different way.”

- Griet Op de Beeck


Annemijn Rijk (1993) graduated in 2016 from the Bachelor of Choreography at the Fontys Dance Academy. With the body as the basis and reference point for what connects us, dance is the optimum medium for communication for her. Annemijn's work is both physical and theatrical, so she taps into multiple layers.

Her graduation performance received multiple awards and nominations in The Netherlands. In 2017 she created the solo L.A.M. which she remade into a group piece for 24 dancers for the internationally acclaimed Dutch/German Schritt_macher festival. Lullaby, a duet in collaboration with Piet van Dycke, has been playing on numerous stages and festivals throughout the Netherlands since 2018, including Moving Futures and Festival Cement. Annemijn also created choreographies for institutions such as De Stilte, Artez dance academy and Fontys Dance Academy.

She is currently working as a freelance choreographer with Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands as a base and is connected to Makershuis Tilburg where she is working on the multi-year Body of Art project.

Fleur Bax (1997) is a young filmmaker and director who will graduate in 2019 from the School of Art in Utrecht in the direction of director and scenario. She also followed classes at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jeruzalem, Israel. Fleur has made multiple short film works in het time as a students and collaborated with artists such as composer Aura Bouw, fashion designer Virgina Patti and choreographer Annemijn Rijk.



telephone: +31634179129





「Re: Born」は、身体を再び信じ立ち上がるために必要な、全細胞が見出し感じるべき強さを表現したダンスフィルムです。

本作品は、振付家Annemijn Rijkによる、人間であるために身体が私たちに何を与えるかを探る長期プロジェクト“Body of Art”の一部です。

















Annemijn Rijk

 1993年生まれ。2016年Fontys Dance Academy(Bachelor of Choreography)を卒業。身体を人間の基盤および他者とつなぐ接点として捉え、コミュニケーションの最適なメディウムとしてダンスを表現手段としている。フィジカルかつ演劇性が強い作品は、過程において自身を多重のレイヤーに入り込ませることを要する 卒業制作パフォーマンスはオランダで数々の受賞およびノミネーションを受ける。ソロ作品「L.A.M」(2018)はのちに24名編成のグループ作品としてSchritt_macher Festival上演のためにリクリエイション。Piet van Dyckeとのデュエット作品「Lullaby」(2018)はMoving Futures、Festival Cementをはじめオランダ国内の舞台やフェスティバルで上演経験多数。この他にもDe Stilte、Artex Dance Academy、Fontys Dance Academy等のために振付。

現在はオランダ・北ブラバント州を拠点にフリーランスの振付家として活動する傍ら、オランダの舞台芸術支援団体Makershuis Tilburgのもとで長期プロジェクト「Body of Art」を制作中。

Fleur Bax

1997年生まれの映像作家・ディレクター。ユトレヒト芸術学校でディレクション、脚本を学び2019年に卒業。イスラエル・エルサレムのベツァルエル美術デザイン学院でも学ぶ。学業の傍ら、作曲家Aura Bouw、ファッションデザイナーVirgina Patti、振付家Annemijn Rijk等のアーティストとコラボレーションを行い複数の短編映像を制作。



telephone: +31634179129

翻訳: 瀧瀬彩恵


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