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ID entidades

Staff Credit

Choreographer and dancer: Roberta Grijalva

Producer: Jimena Grijalva

Film and edition: Christen Minnick

Dancer: Paola Peña, Mary Koyack, Giulliana Grijalva at LUNA13 DANZA

Short description of your idea

A short dance film that enlightens women.

Have you ever looked in the mirror? Trying to see beyond what you reflect? Hiding in parts your own loneliness and once the reflection is lost, you find beyond existence, the dreams that inhabit our body and remind your fragility ... That it's not only identifying us, it's understanding us, that weeping purifies, and in the breath of the dawn, we turn to see without prejudice, naked, with the soul sustained by the minutes that remain for another dawn ...

What drives your enthusiasm the most?

Show the way dance can be expressed throughout film, nature and music. The empowerment of women that sustain themselves with kindness and loyalty.

Do you have any inspirational words that motivates, pushes or supports your creativity?

The spirit that drives me as an artist to show the world a little bit of my inner soul, and gather emotions to be manifested as a whole.


Roberta Grijalva is a profesional dancer and choreographer. Mexico City. Studies in ISTD method and Alvin Ailey Schools NY. Began as a dancer in the recognized and extinct Company Ballet Teatro del Espacio. Artistic Director of Luna13 danza since 2012.

Instagram: @luna13danza




鏡の中を覗いたことはありますか - 映し出された姿の向こうを見ようとしたことは?









Roberta Grijalvaはメキシコシティを拠点とするダンサー、振付家。ISTD(ロンドン)とAlvin Ailey School(ニューヨーク)で学ぶ。今はなきCompany Ballet Teatro del Espacioでキャリアを開始。2012年に創設したLuna13 danzaのアーティスティックディレクター。

Instagram: @luna13danza

翻訳: 瀧瀬彩恵


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