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BODIES | A Davy Lazare Film 

Staff Credit

Creative Director, Dancer: Brandon Lawrence

Director, Cinematographer, Editor and Spoken word performance: Davy Lazare

Producer: Kim Lawrence

Composer, Musician: Alexia Bergman

Dramaturg: Ruth Brill


Description of your idea

Dance expression driven by spoken word Poetry, reflecting the nightmares of today’s world on racism and hate.

The severity of recent incidents during the Corona pandemic has forced the question of race, privilege and equality to be ask yet again. I personally couldn’t sit back ignorant to the plight of communities across the world, so had a vision to bring dance, music and spoken word together in one film with an aim to present the reality faced by a community I'm apart of. The team includes my sister and very talented friends who I wanted to bring together to create and speak in one voice.

Tell us more about your team and how you developed the film.

I’m so very proud to share my first time at playing ‘Creative Director’.

This would not have been possible without my Incredibly supportive sister Kim Lawrence, Alexia Bergman who brought her sublime Cellist skills and Ruth Brill for guiding me and providing routes and imagery in dance, to aid what I believe is the core of this film ‘Spoken Word’.

After the devastating news of ‘George Floyd’ I felt my best way to have Impact was to create, therefore having Davy Lazare onboard was a no brainier. A life long friend of Kim’s and knowing his passion for Spoken word, I knew we had to connect and pull art forms together.

His writing, interpretation and passion for what message we all share hits deep. I cannot thank Davy enough for filming and editing this piece of art which I hope will speak to many people

‘through the only lens there is, the lens of HUMANITY’.

What is your dream?

My Dream is to see peace brought to the world. In this fast paced society we are quick to move onto the next path without addressing and solving issues thoroughly. I believe my growth thus far has taught me that although we are all from different walks of life, we should endeavour to treat each other with respect and understanding no matter our backgrounds. Remembering always that racism is taught and not inherited.

Do you have any inspirational quote that motivates, pushes or supports you?

Make your thoughts actions and make your actions count!


Brandon Lawrence

Born in England, Brandon Lawrence trained with Penny Murray and Andie Nydza before attending the Royal Ballet School where he Graduated to join  Birmingham Royal Ballet in 2011 to then reach the rank of Principal Dancer in 2019.

Brandon has danced many of the Classics including Swan Lake(Prince Seigfreid) The Nutcracker(Prince) Sleeping Beauty(Prince Florimund) Giselle (Count Albrecht) Romeo and Juliet(Romeo) La Fille Mal Garde(Colas) and Beauty and the Beast(Beast) he has also danced many notable roles including Southern Cape Zebra from David Bintleys ‘Still Life at the Penguin Cafe’ Friday Night and Bethena Waltz in Macmillans 'Elite Syncopations’ Twyla Tharp's ‘In the Upper Room’ Lucentio in Cranko’s ’Taming of the Shrew’ Othello in Limón’s ‘The Moors Pavane’ and the 3rd Seminarian in David Bintley’s ‘Carmina Burana'.

While dancing the varied and diverse repertoire at Birmingham Royal Ballet, Brandon has created roles in David Bintley’s ‘King Dances’ Alexander Whitley’s ‘Kin.’ George Williamson’s ‘Embrace’ Juanjo Arques’s ‘Ignite’ and most recently Didy Veldman’s ’Sense of Time’ as well as being nominated for two National Dance Awards in the ‘Best Classical Male Performance Category’ for Ruth Brill's Arcadia(Pan) and Jessica Lang’s (Wink)

Instagram: @blawrene155

Twitter: @blowrence155


Davy Lazare

Instagram: @davylazare

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Kim Lawrence

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Alexia Bergman

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Ruth Brill

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英国出身。Penny Murray、Andie Nydzaに師事。ロイヤル・バレエ・スクールを卒業後2011年にバーミンガム・ロイヤル・バレエ団に入団。2019年プリンシパルに昇格。

「白鳥の湖」(ジークフリート王子)「くるみ割り人形」(王子)「眠れる森の美女」(フロリムント王子)「ジゼル」(アルブレヒト伯爵)「ロミオとジュリエット」(ロミオ)「ラ・フィユ・マル・ガルデ」(コラ)「美女と野獣」(野獣)など数多くのクラシックバレエ作品に出演。この他にビントレー「ペンギン・カフェ」(ケープヤマシマウマ)マクミラン「エリート・シンコペーションズ」(Friday Night、Bethena Waltz)トワイラ・サープ「イン・ジ・アッパー・ルーム」クランコ「じゃじゃ馬馴らし」(ルーセンシオ)リモン「The Moor’s Pavane」(オセロ)ビントレー「カルミナ・ブラーナ」(神学生3)。

バーミンガム・ロイヤル・バレエ団の多様なレパートリーを踊る一方、ビントレー「王は踊る」アレクサンダー・ホイットリー「Kin」ジョージ・ウィリアムソン「Embrace」Juanjo Arques「Ignite」ディディ・ヴェルドマン「Sense of Time」ではクリエーションにも携わる。英国舞踊批評家協会賞の「最優秀男性ダンサー」に2度ノミネートされる(ルス・ブリル「Arcadia」ジェシカ・ラング「Wink」)。

BODIES - Written by Davy Lazare 

Bodies. All around me.


Bound hands, bound feet

waking up to nightmares

Justice is as just a dream

Bodies. Dying two dimensional 

Deaths on iPhone screens

Activists fight the power

With hashtags and tweets

Politicians say condolences 

In one dimensional speech

Bodies. On the ground

Resisting arrest

With face full of


The weight of white 

Hate on its back

The knee of Jim Crow 

On its neck

Bodies. Begging for mercy

Can’t breathe

When they slowly, calmly

Drain the air

From body

Deflated. Bodies. Watch.

Helpless. to fight

The sickness of


as short sighted









Can’t see the country

For capital murder

Can’t see black bodies

For the value of human


Black Bodies. All around me.

Black Bodies. bound

hands, bound feet.

Waking up to nightmares

Justice was just a dream

Black bodies are excluded.

When white and human

Become synonyms

When black bodies 

Become exotic? Athletic?


As popular music

Black Bodies on a zoo trip.

Then get blamed

For their own oppression

Hey black body. Why don’t you

Just pull yourself up

By your bootstrap,

It doesn’t matter 

I have my foot on your back.

That I stood, on the other black

Bodies to get where I am

That I couldn’t count,

The black people.

sons, daughters, black lives!

Because I

Ripped the family tree

from its very roots

Black people. Are tired.

Beyond tired.

Of the impurity of the slaughter

The immunity of white

Murderers, from the same justice.

They claim to love

Black people. Are tired of

smiling Through pain.

Being non-threatening

Tired of waiting for the system 

to decide the system should


History has taught us

The cure for pain is in the pain

We make antibodies from hate

And hatred of self

We take strands of 


And build towers tolerance and love

for all things for all life

But no life is safe.

When black lives aren’t.

No life has value,

when black lives don’t.

Until then: we will march fight scream

rage break sing stand until our bodies

are respected until black bodies aren’t 

neglected until black people are equal

and seen through the only lens there

is the lens of humanity. Humanity.