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Emily Golborn

Staff Credit

Choreography, music and editing: Emily Golborn

Dancers: Josephine Adeyemi, Joy Adeyemi, Maryanne-Joy Adeyemi, Lexie Boyd, Maisie Faul, Bella Gaynor, Daisy Henderson, Mira Jamias, Kolade Ladipo, Emily Miles, Tashi Muir, Olivia Paynter, Kesha Ranjan, Henrietta Reavley, Jon Stanesby, Leanne Vincent-Norgate, Natasha Wilde

Description of your idea

This is something I considered long and hard, going back and forth overthinking. Do I have any right to create a piece about racism? Is it insulting for a white artist to use this as subject matter? Am I taking attention from those who need it most right now? Am I stealing their voice? So I went round in circles for a little bit ... and came to the decision that it's really not about me. And doing SOMETHING is better than nothing?

This is not about inciting more hatred and violence. This is about trying to understand. Trying to understand what people go through when they are targeted or attacked for their skin colour. Trying to process the anger we feel. Trying to understand the creativity we have, the voice we have, and how to use it to spread a message that supports change and speaks out against oppression.

The truth is I can never really understand. But I can try. We can all try.

What was the biggest challenge in this film?

There were a couple of challenges. The most obvious challenge was creating it completely through online/at home means during lockdown, rather than a studio setting. The more interesting challenge I found was the subject matter itself. As a white artist dealing with race as subject matter I felt some anxiety over whether I had any right to be using it to create, and a deep desire not to cause harm to the movement of equality I was trying to support. I have never felt so aware of my privilege as a white person as I did creating this – especially concerning that anxiety. I was very aware that I was lucky to have the choice to deal with the subject matter rather than living through it. My anxiety over creating a piece is insignificant in comparison to the anxiety felt by those who feel anxiety and fear every day purely because of the colour of their skin. And that became a drive and justification to use the voice that I have to support the movement against racism and oppression. To make the choice.

What drives your enthusiasm the most?

My enthusiasm comes from doing something that feels like it matters. It comes from the students I teach and the people I meet. It comes from the music (which for this piece I created alongside the movement but interestingly always felt like it came second).

Do you have any inspirational quote that motivates, pushes or supports you?

Inspirational quotations are interesting for me. I see a lot of them, and the words resonate beautifully on the face of it, but often I find that there are connections which aren’t obvious at first glance. Many are contractions, paraphrases or distortions of a previous thought.

If I had to pick one quotation it would be “To know one thing, you must know the opposite” by Henry Moore.


Emily Golborn is a UK based choreographer/musician/writer. She has been lucky enough to show her work internationally at small and large venues including the 15,000 capacity LANXESS Arena in Cologne, the Indigo O2, The Excel, The Metropolis Halle in Berlin as well as local theatres and venues, and televised work. MA Performance Dance, BA (hons) Dance and Music, LISTD, RAD DDTS

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Emily Golbornはイギリスを拠点に活動する振付家、ミュージシャン、ライター。大小様々な規模の会場で世界中で作品を発表する。これまでにケルンのLANXESS Arena(15,000人収容会場)、the Indigo O2、The Excel、ベルリンのThe Metropolis Halleの他、地方劇場・会場での上演作品やテレビ放送作品を手掛ける。Performance Dance修士、Dance and Music学士を優秀な成績で卒業。英国ISTD(Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing)有資格者、Royal Academy of DanceでDiploma in Dance Teaching Studies取得。

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