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"In solidarity with Black Lives Matter" 

Alexandre Magazine presents all dance films

expressing “Black Lives Matter movement”

on our magazine / social media.


We are standing against all racism.

But just right now,

​we have to know

the oppression of black people carried for centuries,

the society constructed to neglect black lives,

the faults of this society we live in.


We speak out the madness of this society.

We are all the same human being.


We will support and share all dance films expressing

"Black Lives Matter movement" with creativity.


​Thank you wonderful artists for your voices.

It's time to stop asking people about the future.

Let's talk about what kind of society we will create and leave

for the next generation.

The future is what we aim for and create.


※in order of arrival

chesseron - Colors

Colors is a short dance film wich simply celebrate colors. All these events moved me, this is my way of answering, of protesting. Everyone can do something at his own level, for the moment my "something" is this short film, i hope tomorrow and all the others days i will do more and learn more about it.

Catarina Branco - I CAN'T BREATHE

Thank you for standing against racism and supporting artists at the same time. At times like these it is really important to use our voice as a weapon to fight for human rights. I hope these videos will reach a lot of people and the world may be more inclusive.

Nagisa Yoshida - colorless

色は心を豊かにします。 色のある世界と、無い世界があるならば私は前者を選択します。 ですが、そんな『色』が原因で生まれた時から苦しむ人々がいることも事実です。みんな違ってみんな良いではだめなのですか?色も、個性も、文化も、異なるから惹かれ合い、補い合い、世界が豊かになるのだと思います。今見ている景色も沢山の色があるから美しいです。同じ人間なのには変わりないし、もっと言えば虫も花も鳥も私も同じ生き物です。大小問わず、差別という言葉の聞こえない世界になってほしい。デモ、暴動...1つの情報や色で見ないで『black lives matter 』と必死に掲げる人々の心の色を見てほしい。 高校生の私には何もできません。 それでも今この時代に生きていて、感じること、思ったことを私なりに伝える方法はダンスしかありません。NDTのダンサーもデモに参加し、歩いている映像を見て、何かしたいと思いました。 黒人にしか似合わない衣装、黒人だからこそできる伝統的なダンス、ミュージック...素敵なものばかりなのに.... なぜ黒い肌なだけで差別されるのか歴史を学んでも分かりません。悲しいです。黒人差別がこれからもずっと続くのなら色なんて存在しない方がいいのでしょうか。白人も黒人もみんな美しい色なのに。

Tavaziva Dance - Tribute to Steve Biko

Bawren Tavaziva has collaborated with composer Eugene Skeef, who was a friend of Steve Biko a South African anti-apartheid activist at the forefront of a grassroots anti-apartheid campaign known as the Black Consciousness Movement during the late 1960s and 70s. Bawren and Eugene wanted to take this opportunity to remember the people who fought for Black people’s freedom, particularly in light of the tragic death of African American man George Floyd in Minneapolis, sparking unrest across the US. Yes, we know Nelson Mandela, Robert Mugabe, Haile Selassie, Martin Luther King, but there are other people who contributed just as much to Black people’s freedom. Bawren feels that the education of 2020 needs to shift and change, so that Black History is in school’s everyday and not just during Black History Month in October and that Black Lives Matter. →More Information

Balidawa Hussein - I can't breath

I can't breath it's a poetic contemporary dance performed by Truthnanda and spoken words by Kagayi Ngobi am from Uganda and I disagree with racism , thank you so much for this great opportunity


FREEDOM , this short dance film is a message of HOPE and SUPPORT in solidarity with "Black Lives Matter" movement. Very affected by the last events, dancing is my way of protesting and reacting. It's not a big thing but I think it's very important to express yourself in any form.

Supatchai Lappakornkul - Body&Mind

Body&Mind responds with the mind and body to the circumstances that happen in the world during the pandemic of COVID-19. As the human being, we live, lost and love. We have no difference no matter what our race, language, gender or age are. we are human. #Humanrace

Ronnarong Khampha - Black Lives Matter

Request justice to prejudice victims! From contempt on account of race, gender, and violence from officials No matter where, any country, any nation, in this world!  KHAMPHA DANCE Was founded by Ronnarong Khampha, a choreographer and performing artist of Chiang Mai, Thailand. To create a new art of performance which takes pride in Thai tradition, and at the same time, is evolving alongside contemporary life. →More Information

Danny Thompson - Stand up

Thanks for the opportunity.

Flavia Caselli - Stop Racism. I can't breathe...

Standing together fighting racism through dance is a beautiful initiative. My piece is dedicated to George Floyd and all people in the world who are victims of racism. Together we are stronger.

Giovanni "Messi" Messina - SPEAK-UP

KEEP LEARNING, now more then ever take a moment to research, read, listen, have conversations, Let's EDUCATE ourselves. _ BLACK CULTURES MADE ME WHO I AM TODAY, and I will be forever GRATEFUL for this. _ The piece's aim is to bring attentions on black peoples brutalities which is just one of the many factors of systemic RACISM.

DIR/choreographer/dance/edits by me _ Along side the amazing Jorja Smith's music "Blue Lights",


Virginie Parres - Fight against ignorance

this video comes from a brutal emotion in between sadness and hope.

Emily Golborn - 4 23

This is something I considered long and hard, going back and forth overthinking. Do I have any right to create a piece about racism? Is it insulting for a white artist to use this as subject matter? Am I taking attention from those who need it most right now? Am I stealing their voice? So I went round in circles for a little bit ... and came to the decision that it's really not about me. And doing SOMETHING is better than nothing? This is not about inciting more hatred and violence. This is about trying to understand. Trying to understand what people go through when they are targeted or attacked for their skin colour. Trying to process the anger we feel. Trying to understand the creativity we have, the voice we have, and how to use it to spread a message that supports change and speaks out against oppression. The truth is I can never really understand. But I can try. We can all try.

Sawako Gannon - Untitled

More than several times I was asked if I had training background in hip hop. I don’t. My friends are so nice that they taught me some steps in and out of the studios. I watched a lot of popping online. And my movement certainly speaks the influence. Abundance of the said culture shows the inclusiveness. Meanwhile, Ballet is so, very exclusive. We should be aware that most of the concert dancers now I’m the US is white, because Black people and POC are not able to afford ballet training as a result of systemic racism. You have to go to expensive academy to have “legitimate”ballet training? Rather we should teach ballet in the park tomorrow. Hip hop culture has been nice and humble to us, but we take it as if it was ours, anyway.

Tejaswini Loundo - We Are But Shades of Colour

Colour was meant to be celebrated, not discriminated. We are but shades of colour, each one a tone apart. A beautiful chaotic mosaic is who we are, and this is what we are meant to be.

Vitale V. Vaugin - Revolt

She's too tall. He's too black. We're too fat. He looks like a woman. Too gross, too thick, too this or too that. Not good enough, not white enough, not thin enough, not enough like they want us to be. A danced piece, a danced revolt against oppression.

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