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For You, Little Flower

Charlie Skuy

Staff Credit

Johanna Bergfeldt, Heidi Strauss

Peggy Baker, Dimo Milev

Assistant Director/life saver: Ella Farlinger

DP: Clint Davis, Zefred Ansaldo

AC: Daniel Everitt-Lock

Colour Grading: Luke Osbourne

Direction, DP, Editing, Choreography, Writing: Charlie Skuy

Description of your idea

This film seemed to topple over into my life and land all around me. These fallen pieces were fragments of my city life, that had been lightly buried, of course, throughout the seasons of city youth. As I looked at a new checkpoint in my life- leaving home- I saw these fragments in beautiful poetry and I felt the desire to capture them before I forgot; the hidden creeks, the alleyways, and the street corners that shaped a childhood. I reflected on my childhood’s miniscule importance and impact to time’s passing. This sense of insignificance was comforting in a way. I wanted to use it to make something beyond myself.

I tried to make a suspended world within the one I knew in Toronto, so that it wouldn’t be truly autobiographical. The film hopes to live outside of time, only at a still point, the point of reflection upon embarking, where we witness the immense net of insignificance and endlessness we have woven- a fragmented story that cycles through us. 

T. S Eliot’sWasteland (1922)andThe Four Quartetspresented written structures that framed the filmographic chapters I had envisioned for a film, and I worked to seep them into the dance itself. The film passes on an interconnected world to an ambiguous other, perhaps a younger self, who could meet me on the other end of our scribbled path of growing up, and look back, continuing the cycle. This young figure, like a delicate flower, must know the seasons it will endure, and the fleeting of its own existence. William Blake says, “To build a little flower is the labour of ages.

What was the biggest challenge in this film?

Well, by the time I knew what I was going to do, I had 5 days and a wisdom teeth surgery to finish it before I left for my life abroad. Scrambling to choreograph on dancers, find a small crew to film, and rent gear for the shoot was gloriously stressful, but in the whirlwind of thisfree flowcreation, I learned to love it. I would not recommend filming the same day as your wisdom teeth surgery.

What led you to your present choreography+filming style?

This film is a first for me in terms of its construction. To build a stream-of-consciousness film or whatever one can call it, I had to make sure that I knew how I could weave it all together during filming. I had to capture multiple fragments from all the separated scenes, to act as connective tissue for the storyline. Truthfully, much of this understanding came after the filming had finished. More intriguing than the locations for the dancers, working with the movement of the camera was a choreography I especially hadn't tried. The frontal "lens" of a proscenium was gone, and the choreography now had infinite ways to be captured. This was overwhelming and deeply interesting.

What drives your enthusiasm the most?

Fear of losing ideas. Hunger to do something with them. 

Working with people who inspire me, this is the best part of creating. Everyone in this film inspires me deeply.

What is your dream?

My dream is changing all the time. I'm learning about what I value in art and creation, and this is influencing the things I care about making. Right now, I want to put emphasis on the process leading up to filming, to trust and explore the depth of a project before doing it. I want to take time.

Do you have any inspirational quote that motivates, pushes or supports you?

I have trouble with quotes. They always make me jealous of the person who made them.

I know a few, they're written down somewhere.

Any message

I am in post-production for a new short film.

I hope to make a few more this coming year.


Charlie Skuy is currently dancing with Nederlands Dans Theater in Holland. He has made multiple choreographic works for international festivals/showcases and the National Ballet of Canada. Charlie also produces and directs his own short films that have been awarded and selected in film festivals around Canada and the US. He is always preparing for a new project outside of his company life.

Instagram : @charlieskuy
























Instagram : @charlieskuy


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